Police in Nigeria detained 67 people for celebrating a gay wedding, a mass detention targeting homosexuality.

The arrests occurred in southern Delta state's Ekpan town during an event where two people were married.

Homosexuality is outlawed in Nigeria, and the police spokesman emphasized that it will not be tolerated.

Nigeria's Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, enacted in 2013, can lead to up to 14 years in prison for gay individuals and 10 years for accomplices.

The arrests were condemned by Amnesty International's Nigeria office, which criticized the use of the law for harassment and extortion.

Initially, 200 people were arrested at the hotel where the wedding took place, but 67 were detained after investigations.

A police spokesman stated that Nigeria cannot adopt Western norms due to cultural differences and that openly expressing one's sexual orientation won't be allowed.

Activists accuse Nigerian police of misusing the law for mass arrests, sometimes including heterosexual individuals.

Some of those arrested denied attending the wedding, with one claiming to have been on the way to a fashion show.

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