Founded in 2012, Food for Education aims to boost school attendance by providing affordable meals.

Currently serving 165,000 kids daily, they have provided over 29 million meals since inception.

Parents are contributing 50% to 83% of the meal cost, with some counties subsidizing the meals further.

Kids receive NFC-enabled watches to track their meal payments, tapping the wristband every lunchtime.

Students express improved concentration and better academic performance since the program's implementation.

Parents appreciate the initiative, finding the affordable, warm meals valuable for their children's well-being.

Food for Education sources food directly from farmers, employing technology and a smart supply chain for sustainability.

It's part of the largest initiative of this kind in the country, providing 4 million primary school children a meal per day.

 Founded in 2012, the organisation aims to boost school attendance by providing meals. Information provided was from 19 hours ago.

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