Aissata Sall discovered a new migration route from Mauritania to the United States through Nicaragua via social media in May.

The route has brought many Mauritanians to suburban Cincinnati, indicating a surge in migration due to social media influence.

The Mauritanians leaving their country are fleeing economic insecurity and state violence against the Black population.

The migration route's popularity is attributed to information about Nicaragua's immigration policy, allowing low-cost visas for Africans and Asians without return tickets.

Travel agencies and online guides facilitate the journey, involving multiple connecting flights and bus rides, avoiding the dangerous Darien Gap route.

The journey can cost up to $8,000, offering an alternative to perilous sea crossings into Europe.

The Honduran government recorded a significant increase in Mauritanians passing through their country en route to the US.

Many Mauritanians enter the US through Yuma, Arizona, after walking through the desert and surrendering to Border Patrol.

A Mauritanian community in Cincinnati is helping new arrivals settle, providing housing, paperwork assistance, and healthcare.

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