Historically, Malawi is one of Africa’s friendliest host nations for refugees fleeing strife in its neighbourhood. It is a proud legacy Malawi has rightly earned since independence in 1966.

However, recently, Malawi’s reputation for welcoming refugees is unravelling – and that’s dangerous. The Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi is one of one of Africa’s largest. Thousands of vulnerable women,

 Children and men have found home inside after having to escape violence in Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi.

 Outside the camp, the refugees have established relations and businesses in towns, villages and cities.

However, under President Lazarus Chakwera, Malawi has ordered all refugees who have settled in out-of-camp communities to herd back to the overcrowded Dzaleka camp. 

Reports say military force has been used to coerce refugees back into the camp.

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