Tragedy at Madagascar's National Stadium as a stampede during the opening ceremony of the Indian Ocean Island games results in at least 13 deaths and over 100 injuries.

Stampede during Madagascar's National Stadium opening ceremony leads to 13 deaths, including 7 children.

Over 100 people injured, Red Cross reports 80 but warns toll could rise.

The Bara Stadium's entrance was packed with excited onlookers, numbering around 50,000, who had come to witness the grand inauguration.

Heart-wrenching stories unfold as families desperately search for their missing members among the injured and deceased.

In a show of solidarity, Malagasy President Andre Rajina calls for a minute of silence to honor the lives lost in the tragedy.

Sadly, this is not the first such incident in Madagascar. In 2019, a similar stampede at the Mahamasina Stadium resulted in the deaths of 15 individuals.

The unfortunate incident casts a somber shadow over the Indian Ocean Island games, a multidisciplinary sporting event slated to continue until September 3rd.

In conclusion, the stampede at Madagascar's National Stadium serves as a tragic reminder of the challenges associated with managing large crowds.

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