Mary Achieng and her family in Kenya frequently battle malaria, spending a significant amount on treatment.

Kisumu, Kenya, with its hot and humid climate, is a hotspot for malaria-transmitting mosquitoes.

Climate change is causing more frequent and severe heatwaves and storms, creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Malaria cases are now reported in areas previously considered "malaria-free" due to rising temperatures.

The Kikuyu highlands near Nairobi experienced their first malaria-transmitting mosquitoes due to increased temperatures.

Climate change is affecting the behavior of malaria-transmitting mosquitoes, catching healthcare systems off guard.

Africa bears 95% of malaria infections, with over 600,000 annual deaths, primarily affecting children.

A recent report shows malaria-transmitting mosquitoes are climbing to higher altitudes as temperatures rise.

Experts warn that other continents are also at risk as malaria mosquitoes migrate to new areas.

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