Alex Gitari, head of Kenya's airports authority, fired by Transport Minister Kipchumba Murkomen after a power cut left passengers stranded in darkness at Nairobi's main airport.

Political interference blamed for demoralized and disorganized workforce within the authority.

Majority state-owned power company has not explained the exact cause of the countrywide power cut.

Widespread power outage affects homes and businesses across the country since Friday. Tourism contributes about 10% to Kenya's GDP; sector is a top source of hard currency.

Outrage on social media as main airport lacks functioning backup generators.Senior civil aviation authority official sacked, and Nairobi's airport manager demoted following the incident.

 Chaotic scenes and long queues at national park entrances due to digital payment system failure.Extended countrywide power outage is unusual; impacts main airport, hospitals, and State House.

Corruption often blamed for hindering progress in Kenya; public funds mismanagement a long-standing issue.

Two generators purchased for the airport two years ago remain uncommissioned; questions about their cost, contracting, and installation arise.

Kenya's airports authority head sacked after power cut leaves passengers stranded at Nairobi's main airport; Transport Minister apologizes for chaos and cites political interference.

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