Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni revealed a new migration deal with Albania. 

The plan involves temporarily sending migrants across the Adriatic Sea to Albania. 

The announcement was made during a meeting between Meloni and her Albanian counterpart in Rome. 

Italy considers the agreement "historic," while experts and opposition politicians express mixed views and concerns. 

Meloni suggests the deal could serve as a model for cooperation between EU and non-EU countries in managing migration. 

The plan includes establishing migrant centers in Albania financed by Italy, with up to 36,000 migrants passing through these centers annually. 

Non-profit groups criticize the deal, and there are questions raised by Albanian media. 

The agreement specifies that the centers on Albanian territory will be under Italian jurisdiction, drawing further scrutiny and criticism. 

Meloni sees the agreement as a potential model for EU and non-EU cooperation in managing migration. 

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