Israel's Iron Dome air defenses intercepted Hamas missiles over Tel Aviv on a night of heightened tensions in the region.

Western allies expressed unconditional support for Israel, with the United States warning about the situation.

European leaders, including the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, condemned Hamas and described its attacks as "terrorism in its most despicable form."

An emergency cabinet meeting in Israel discussed the casualties, with at least 250 Israelis killed and 1,500 wounded.

Air raid sirens were heard across southern and central Israel, leading to disruptions at Tel Aviv airport, where many flights were canceled.

Israel announced that schools would remain closed on the following Sunday due to the ongoing situation.

The article mentions the history of conflict between Israel and Hamas, including Hamas taking control of Gaza in 2007 and subsequent military exchanges.

Violence also erupted across the West Bank and annexed east Jerusalem, with casualties reported in clashes between Palestinians, Israeli forces, and settlers.

Countries around the world condemned the wave of attacks by Hamas, with Israel, the United States, and the European Union considering it a terrorist group.

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