Africa is slowly splitting into two major sections due to the East African Rift System (EARS).

The process could eventually lead to the formation of a new ocean.

This colossal breakup is happening gradually over time.

The article highlights the significance of the East African Rift System as one of the world's largest rifts.

The boundaries between tectonic plates are dynamic and complex. They can involve various types of interactions, including convergence (plates moving towards each other) and transform (plates sliding past each other) boundaries.

The idea that continents were once connected and have drifted apart is supported by substantial evidence, including matching geological formations, fossils, and the fit of continents like South America and Africa.

Africa's tectonic activity involves rift valleys and plate movements, but not the formation of new continents or oceans.

Continents have shifted over millions of years, but this process isn't leading to immediate changes you mentioned.

For accurate research, focus on established concepts like plate tectonics, divergent boundaries, and continental drift, which shape Earth's surface over geological timescales.

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