Here are the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Grace Bay is well known for its expansive stretches of luxurious white beach and stunning blue sea.

Grace Bay Beach

Varadero beach is immaculate, has kilometers of white sand, lots of sun loungers, offers water activities, and is really tranquil.

Varadero Beach

Turquoise Bay is one of WA's top beaches for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing.

Turquoise Bay

For a more laid-back, less crowded beach experience in Morro, go to Fourth Beach.

Quarta Praia

The perfect Caribbean beach's white sand and turquoise waves may be found at this well-known resort beach.

Eagle Beach

Radhanagar Beach is the greatest in the Andaman Islands and the 7th best in Asia.

Radhanagar Beach

Baia do Sancho, on Brazil's Fernando de Noronha, is a top beach.

Baia do Sancho