Here are 7 Fascinating Facts About Namibia

Namibia is very serious about conservation. It was indeed the first nation to include environmental protection in its constitution

Fact 1

It has the greatest population of cheetahs that roam freely in the entire world

Fact 2

The Namib Desert, which gives the nation its name, has existed for 80 million years. It is the oldest desert in the planet

Fact 3

The Namibian desert is the perfect background for Hollywood blockbusters

Fact 4

If you examine a map of the nation closely, you'll see that Namibia has a small handle

Fact 5

Namibia's Skeleton Coast, one of the world's most dangerous coastlines, is arguably the country's most unsettling sight

Fact 6

This vast cave is called Dragon's Breath Cave because to the rising humid air at its mouth. It contains the world's largest non-subglacial lake

Fact 7