The largest gathering of people dressed as Nelson Mandela was achieved in South Africa with 15,000 participants.

The longest marathon playing football was set in Tanzania, lasting a whopping 72 hours!

The largest mosaic made of recycled materials was created in Egypt, using over 1.2 million pieces of recycled glass.

The largest collection of African drums was achieved in South Africa, with a staggering 1,000 drums on display.

The longest distance covered on a unicycle in 24 hours was set in Egypt, with a total of 401.4 km covered.

The largest underwater clean-up was carried out in Egypt, with 614 divers removing over 2 tons of waste from the Red Sea.

 The largest gathering of people wearing traditional clothing was achieved in Ethiopia, with over 13,000 participants.

The largest gathering of people playing the same song on guitar was achieved in South Africa, with 2,370 guitarists playing "Smoke on the Water".

The largest game of musical chairs was played in South Africa, with 7,600 participants.

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