Germany's President apologized for killings under Colonial rule in Tanzania

President Frank Walter Steinmeier vowed to seek answers about the German East Africa era

He expressed remorse for Chief San Bano and other victims of German colonial rule

Steinmeier laid wreaths at Chief San Bano's grave and a mass grave of other victims

Up to 300,000 people died during the Maji Maji Rebellion between 1905 and 1907

Steinmeier pledged to locate and return any skulls brought to Germany, including Chief San Bano's, to Tanzania.

The Honduran government recorded a significant increase in Mauritanians passing through their country en route to the US.

President Steinmeier apologized for the atrocities committed by the German military during its colonial rule of Tanzania, which was part of German East Africa .

The president sought forgiveness from the descendants of hundreds of thousands of victims of violence over a century ago

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