French PM Elizabeth Bond expressed concern during a speech to French ambassadors about the situation in Gabon and its implications for stability.

EU's Africa policy might be reconsidered due to the ongoing political turmoil in countries like Gabon, Central African Republic, Mali, and Burkina Faso.

Military officers appeared on state television in Gabon, announcing the overthrow of President Ali Bongo's official election results.

EU's response to crises, including Ukraine and Indonesia, contrasts with the uncertainty surrounding the coup situation.

President Ali Bongo's long-standing rule followed his election in 2009 after his father's 41-year presidency.

European ministers are expected to deliberate on how to adapt policies towards countries facing instability in the region.

Ali Bongo, who suffered a stroke in 2018, is reportedly under house arrest with his family and medical team.

Ongoing political upheavals like this coup raise concerns about stability and prompt potential policy revisions in Europe's approach to Africa.

Reactions from France and the EU regarding the apparent coup in Gabon led by military officers challenging President Ali Bongo's rule.

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