French President Emmanuel Macron announced the withdrawal of France's ambassador and troops from Niger following a military takeover.

The new regime in Niger framed this move as a historic step forward, emphasizing the end of imperialist and neocolonialist influences.

Macron has attempted to address France's historical actions in Africa, including asking for forgiveness in Rwanda and reaching out to anglophone countries to gain influence.

France's position in Africa has deteriorated, leading to security consequences on the continent.

In Central African Republic, leaders turned to Russia as they felt France was unwilling to protect them, resulting in Russian exploitation and violence.

In Mali, violence increased after military regimes took over, and the presence of Wagner mercenaries escalated atrocities.

Niger is also experiencing a rise in extremist-linked violence following the military takeover, with warning signs of instability.

The US has played a better diplomatic game in Niger, building relationships with key generals and negotiating with the military regime.

France's refusal to recognize Niger's new rulers and support for the democratically elected president has strained relations.

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