President of Kenya volunteered Kenyan troops for international efforts to curb gang violence in Haiti.

Concerns raised that this decision could be a death sentence for Kenyan forces.

Former military sniper advises against sending Kenyan forces to Haiti, citing the dangers and lack of familiarity with the terrain and language.

Questions raised about why other technologically advanced countries haven't volunteered their troops and resources for the mission.

Kenyan journalist questions the rationale behind sending troops to Haiti, citing lack of personal stakes and understanding of the conflict.

Doubts raised about the funding and backing of the mission, emphasizing the risk to Kenyan forces' lives.

Concerns expressed about the preparedness and capability of Kenyan forces to tackle the highly organized gang violence in Haiti.

Lack of support for the mission from the UN raises suspicions about the legitimacy and potential outcomes of the operation.

Questions surfaced concerning the mission's support and financing, highlighting the danger to the lives of Kenyan personnel.

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