A program using football to aid migrant miners' integration into Spanish society has been running since 2021.

Unaccompanied miners from countries like Senegal, Morocco, and Mali participate in weekly training sessions organized by CD Tener and the University of La Laguna.

Football is a significant part of life for these migrant miners, providing a sense of belonging and normalcy in their new environment.

Many migrant miners arrive in Spain without their parents and are cared for in state-run reception centers while awaiting asylum processing.

Diop, a former migrant miner, now serves as a football coach, sharing his story of resilience and using dance rituals to foster a sense of home for the participants.

The program, known as SOF, aims to connect youth with local football clubs, facilitating their participation and integration within the community.

Challenges such as night terrors, post-traumatic disorders, anxiety, and depression are prevalent among these migrant minors, especially due to family separation and mourning.

The Canary Islands have experienced a significant 80% increase in migrant arrivals, with over 23,000 reaching the islands so far this year, as reported by the Interior Ministry.

Rituals and cultural practices are incorporated into the program, helping the youths maintain a connection with their heritage and roots.

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