Raon, a prominent indigenous leader and anti-deforestation activist from Brazil, attended the opening of an exhibition dedicated to his people, the Kayapo.

The exhibition at the Nioy Museum features photographs, videos, and handcrafted pieces created by young Kayapo, showcasing their culture and traditions.

Raon emphasized the importance of raising collective voices to preserve the forest, urging unity in the fight for nature conservation.

The "Mea with Fe in Two Worlds" exhibition, combining Kayapo traditions with elements of technology and other cultures, is hosted at the Museum of Modern Art near Rio de Janeiro.

Raon expressed deep emotion at seeing representations of his ancestors, emphasizing the exhibition's focus on celebrating the joy, festivals, and culture of the Kayapo people.

The Kayapo people, mainly residing in the Southeastern Amazon region, have a history of fighting to protect their homeland and maintain legal control over it.

The exhibition aims to bridge the past, present, and future of the Kayapo tribe, exploring their complex relationship with tradition, modernity, and their environment.

The exhibition will remain open for public viewing until November 26th.

An exhibition curated by young Kayapó individuals celebrating their culture opened at the Niteroi Museum in Brazil.

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