The EU has agreed to disburse $135 million to Tunisia as part of a migration pact between the two regions.

The aim of the pact is to address the flow of migrants from Tunisia to Europe and to support Tunisia's economic development.

The funds will be allocated to projects aimed at creating jobs, improving public services, and promoting education and training.

The projects will be implemented by the Tunisian government, civil society organizations, and private sector entities.

The EU has also committed to providing technical assistance to Tunisia in areas such as border management and security.

The migration pact between the EU and Tunisia was first signed in 2014 and was renewed in 2020.

One of the main objectives of the pact is to reduce irregular migration from Tunisia to Europe and to promote legal and safe migration channels.

The EU has also pledged to provide support to Tunisia in the areas of healthcare and social protection.

The disbursement of the $135 million will be subject to strict monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the funds are used effectively and transparently.

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