A lock of hair from Prince Alemayehu, a young Ethiopian prince who was taken to the UK in 1868, has been returned to Ethiopia, sparking hope for the return of his body.

In 1868, British soldiers took Prince Alemayehu from Ethiopia after his father's fortress was invaded, and his father, Emperor Tewodros II, killed himself.

The prince had an unhappy upbringing in Britain and died at age 18 in 1879, buried at Windsor Castle.

Ethiopia's ambassador to the UK received the prince's hair and other looted artifacts from Emperor Tewodros's Maqdala fortress at a ceremony in London.

Queen Victoria supported the young prince and placed him under the guardianship of Captain Charles Speedy.

The Scheherazade Foundation facilitated the return of the lock of hair, which had been in Captain Speedy's possession.

Descendants of Captain Speedy handed over the hair, with hopes for more restitution of looted Ethiopian artifacts.

Buckingham Palace rejected calls to return the prince's body, citing concerns about disturbing others buried at Windsor Castle's catacombs.

There are continued efforts to return more Ethiopian artifacts looted during the 1868 British expedition to Magdala for restorative justice and improved relations between British and Ethiopian institutions.

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