Africa stands at a pivotal crossroads, grappling with political instability, climate change, and the urgent need for economic development.

With a youthful population, the continent is becoming an attractive consumer market, drawing attention from supply chains worldwide. Amid these issues, one question remains: Can Africa fund its economic development, and how?

Africa’s Exports Could Soar Close to $1 Trillion Under Trade Deal In today's global economy, African nations are poised for a significant transformation in their export and trade landscape, as reports suggest one trillion dollars in exports is expected by 2035.

Gambia to launch stock market for local businesses Gambia is set to achieve a significant milestone by launching its first-ever stock market, just after debuting its first capital market. 

This historic event paves the way for a host of new financial opportunities within the country, creating an attractive environment for investors to participate in the nation's economic progress.

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