Brazilian black movements held a national rally demanding an end to racist violence following police brutality cases and massacres.

They sought justice for a slain community leader and a 13-year-old boy, both victims of police oppression. 

The movement denounced the escalating genocide against the poor and black population, urging governments to take stronger action in investigating these crimes.

The date, August 24th, commemorates the death of Louis Gamma, a prominent black resistance icon from Salvador.

 Brazilian black movements unite against racist violence and police brutality. Calls for justice over the deaths of a community leader and a 13-year-old at the hands of police.

Denouncement of increasing genocide against black and poor communities.Urgent demand for governments to play a more active role in investigating these crimes.

August 24th marks the death anniversary of Louis Gamma, a historic black resistance figure.

Data reveals that 76.5% of violent death victims in Brazil in 2022 were black.Alarming statistic: Police in Bahia, Brazil, surpass U.S. police in killings, highlighting an urgent issue.

As the nation grapples with its past and strives for a more equitable future, the movement's impact reverberates far beyond its immediate goals, shaping the trajectory of a more inclusive society for all.

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