Jeremy Doku signs a five-year deal with Manchester City, aiming to make an impact in the Premier League.

Doku believes his dribbling, speed, and creativity will enhance the team's dynamics.

Despite lacking trophies, Doku sees the move as a chance to win more silverware with Manchester City.

He views his experiences in Belgium and France as crucial steps toward Premier League readiness.

The 21-year-old becomes Manchester City's third summer signing, following Guardiola and Kovacic.

Doku, of Belgian-Ghanaian descent, is poised to fill the void left by Riyad Mahrez's departure to Al Ali in July.

Doku aspires to contribute his unique abilities to an already talented group of players at Manchester City.

Manchester City's choice to bring Doku on board alongside Guardiola and Kovacic signifies their commitment to strengthening their lineup for a successful season.

Doku's role in the team is poised to replace the gap left by Riyad Mahrez, who moved to Al Ali, Saudi Arabia.

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