Africa's Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, a $5 billion megadam, is causing regional tension due to its potential impact on the Nile River.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a massive project, with a reservoir the size of London and twice the height of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It aims to generate over 5,000 megawatts of electricity and hold 74 billion cubic meters of water.

Construction involves vast amounts of concrete and two power stations, three spillways, and a massive saddle dam.

The project's location near the Sudan border has sparked disputes over Nile ownership and water rights.

Talks between countries downstream have broken down, despite the dam being 90% complete.

Ethiopia sees the dam as an economic miracle to lift millions out of poverty, but its impact on downstream nations remains uncertain.

Ethiopia perceives the GERD as an economic lifeline, catalyzing growth and reducing extreme poverty, exemplifying the "Ethiopian economic miracle."

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