Mancala: Explore the ancient board game of Mancala, played across various African countries with regional variations. This strategic game involves moving seeds or stones among pits, reflecting the importance of resource management and social interaction in African societies.

Stick Fighting: Experience traditional stick fighting games, such as Nguni Stick Fighting in Southern Africa or Dambe in West Africa. These martial arts-based sports not only test physical prowess but also hold cultural and ceremonial significance.

Morabaraba: Discover Morabaraba, a traditional strategy board game popular in South Africa and Lesotho. Played on a unique board, it challenges players to outmaneuver their opponents with strategic moves, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

 Wrestling: Witness the vibrant traditional wrestling contests held in different African cultures, such as Senegalese Laamb or Nuba wrestling in Sudan. These wrestling events are not only athletic competitions but also celebrations of strength, valor, and cultural identity.

Run and Chase Games: Engage in traditional run and chase games like Kokowa and Eggbere in Nigeria or Tug of War in various African communities. These games often symbolize teamwork, unity, and community cohesion.

Nguni Races: Experience Nguni cattle races in Southern Africa, where young men showcase their horsemanship skills by racing their decorated cattle. These events are significant social gatherings that celebrate rural life and livestock rearing.

Royal Games and Ceremonies: Discover traditional royal games and ceremonies, like the Reed Dance in Swaziland or Umhlanga, where young women participate in a dance to honor the queen mother. These events showcase cultural preservation and community pride.

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