Mancala Games: Variations of mancala, like "Awale" or "Bao," involve strategic thinking and counting, fostering cognitive skills in playful competition.

Morabaraba: This strategy board game, known by different names in various regions, challenges players' tactical abilities and critical thinking.

Stick Fighting: Traditional stick fighting games, such as "Nguni Stick Fighting," combine martial skills with cultural rituals and social bonding.

Oware: Oware, a count-and-capture game, enhances memory and strategic thinking while connecting players with their cultural roots.

Ampe: Ampe, a jumping and clapping game, builds coordination and teamwork among players in a lively and rhythmic setting.

Ngodi: Ngodi, a traditional spinning game, hones dexterity and hand-eye coordination while providing entertainment and friendly competition.

Homemade Toys: Many African cultures create toys from natural materials like wood and clay, encouraging creativity and resourcefulness in play.

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