African rock art is a testament to the continent's rich history, preserving the stories, beliefs, and traditions of diverse societies across time.

Tassili n'Ajjer (Algeria): Tassili's rock art features intricate scenes of daily life, wildlife, and spiritual practices dating back thousands of years.

Brandberg Mountain (Namibia): The Brandberg hosts over 45,000 rock paintings, capturing San Bushmen's beliefs, rituals, and desert existence.

Matobo Hills (Zimbabwe): Matobo's rock art blends spirituality with depictions of hunting, warfare, and dance, revealing the region's rich history.

Tsodilo Hills (Botswana): Tsodilo's petroglyphs are a UNESCO site, illustrating the beliefs and experiences of the San people over millennia.

Laas Geel (Somaliland): Laas Geel's vibrant rock art showcases pastoralist life and spiritual connections, demonstrating early human creativity.

Ugandan Rock Art (Namunkekera): Namunkekera's paintings depict cattle herding and community life, providing insights into Iron Age societies.

Ennedi Plateau (Chad): Ennedi's petroglyphs reveal desert life, hunting scenes, and rituals, offering a window into ancient Saharan cultures.

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