Foreign countries have imposed severe travel and economic sanctions, resulting in closed land borders.

Mumu is among those trying to return to Liberia but faces difficulties due to the travel restrictions.

 People are forced to live on the streets, facing challenges of homelessness and vulnerability.

Lack of food is a pressing issue, with individuals like Mama and his family begging for sustenance on the streets.

After the sanctions and border closures, migrants are unable to leave, affecting organizations like IOM from providing assistance.

Maintaining current services, including food, water, shelter, and protection, becomes challenging due to the situation.

A swift resolution is hoped for, as the prolonged situation could further strain support to migrants.

An Italian Aid group near Algeria's border reports an influx of 1,300 people seeking shelter and trying to return home.

Under President Bazoom, the country received significant funding from the EU trust fund for Africa to address migration causes, amounting to nearly 300 million euros.

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