Capoeira (Brazil): Rooted in African martial arts and dance, Capoeira gained popularity globally and is now practiced in combat sports and mixed martial arts.

Dambe (West Africa): Originating from the Hausa people, Dambe is a traditional African martial art that has influenced modern combat sports and boxing techniques.

Nuba Wrestling (Sudan): Nuba Wrestling, an ancient African martial art, has inspired elements of grappling and clinching in modern MMA.

Karate (Africa-wide): Karate, introduced by Asian immigrants, has found a strong presence in Africa's martial arts landscape, producing skilled practitioners in global competitions.

Lutte Traditionnelle (Senegal): Senegalese traditional wrestling, or Lutte Traditionnelle, showcases powerful throws and takedowns, influencing modern wrestling styles.

Kushti (Ethiopia): Kushti, Ethiopian traditional wrestling, has influenced techniques and strategies in combat sports such as freestyle wrestling.

Taekwondo (Africa-wide): Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, has gained prominence in Africa and produced formidable fighters in international competitions and mixed martial arts.

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