Nuba Wrestling (Sudan): Nuba Wrestling is an ancient traditional sport practiced by the Nuba people of Sudan, combining athleticism, strategy, and cultural significance in celebrating strength and bravery.

Dambe (West Africa): Dambe is a traditional form of boxing practiced mainly by the Hausa people in West Africa, where fighters use one hand wrapped in cloth as a weapon, reflecting both martial arts and cultural heritage.

Zulu Stick Fighting (South Africa): Zulu Stick Fighting, known as "Iklwa" or "Nguni Stick Fighting," is a warrior tradition of the Zulu people, honing combat skills and preserving their martial heritage.

Moroccan Fantasia: Fantasia, a traditional Moroccan equestrian spectacle, showcases horseback riders performing synchronized movements and firing muskets in a display of historical combat prowess.

Laamb (Senegalese Wrestling): Laamb, or Senegalese Wrestling, is a popular sport combining athleticism, ritual, and dance, deeply rooted in Wolof culture, representing valor and camaraderie.

Moraingy (Madagascar): Moraingy is a traditional Malagasy martial art combining elements of boxing and wrestling, practiced by coastal communities as both a form of recreation and a skill for self-defense.

Nguni Stick Fighting (Southern Africa): Nguni Stick Fighting, prevalent among the Zulu, Xhosa, and other Nguni-speaking communities, serves as a means of resolving disputes and preserving warrior traditions.

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