Kora (West Africa): The kora, a 21-string harp, is central to griot storytelling, preserving oral history through its melodic tones.

Mbira (Southern Africa): The mbira, or thumb piano, carries spiritual significance, connecting players with ancestral spirits and the natural world.

Talking Drums (West Africa): Talking drums convey messages through rhythms and tones, serving as a form of communication among African communities.

Balafon (West Africa): The balafon, a xylophone-like instrument, is associated with celebratory occasions, marking cultural events and joyous moments.

Djembe (West Africa): The djembe drum is used in communal gatherings, reflecting unity and rhythm in African societies.

Kalimba (East and Southern Africa): The kalimba, or finger piano, produces soothing melodies and is often used in storytelling and relaxation.

Udu Drum (Nigeria): The udu drum's distinctive clay pot shape produces resonant sounds, used in rituals and celebrations.

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