Mankala (Various African Regions): Mankala, a family of board games, is widely played across Africa, with various names and rules, fostering strategic thinking and social interaction.

Bao (East Africa): Also known as "Sowing," Bao is a traditional mancala game played in countries like Tanzania and Kenya, engaging players in capturing opponent's seeds and planning ahead.

Igisoro (Rwanda): Igisoro is a popular Rwandan mancala game, promoting mathematical skills and critical thinking as players distribute seeds among pits.

Ayoayo (West Africa): Ayoayo, or "Oware," is a strategic mancala game played in West Africa, encouraging counting and problem-solving abilities.

Nubian Wrestling (Egypt and Sudan): Nubian wrestling, called "Tazzulek" in Sudan, is a traditional sport where participants compete in strength and agility while preserving cultural heritage.

Ampe (Ghana and Togo): Ampe, a jumping and clapping game, involves rhythmic movements, coordination, and teamwork, showcasing the significance of communal activities.

Kirikou (Various African Regions): Kirikou is a chasing game, akin to tag, enjoyed by children in multiple African communities, promoting physical activity and social bonding.

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