"The Tokoloshe" (Southern Africa): The Tokoloshe is a malevolent creature feared by Zulu and Xhosa communities, believed to sneak into homes at night, causing mischief and harm.

"Ankou" (North Africa): In Moroccan folklore, the Ankou is a ghostly figure who collects the souls of the deceased and drives a ghostly cart, appearing as a harbinger of death.

"The Impundulu" (South Africa): Known as the "Lightning Bird," the Impundulu is a shape-shifting creature in Xhosa and Zulu folklore, associated with thunderstorms and misfortune.

"The White Lady of Lebombo" (Swaziland): The White Lady is a ghostly apparition said to haunt the Lebombo Mountains, believed to be the spirit of a woman who died tragically.

"Kongamato" (Central Africa): The Kongamato is a legendary creature in Zambia and Congo, described as a flying reptile resembling a pterosaur, believed to be a harbinger of doom.

"La Goule" (North Africa): In Moroccan folklore, La Goule is a malevolent ghostly creature said to inhabit dark and abandoned places, terrifying those who encounter it.

"The Abiku" (West Africa): The Abiku is a malevolent spirit in Yoruba and Igbo folklore, believed to be a child who dies at a young age, returning to torment its family.

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