Recycled Plastic Art (Kenya): Artisans transform discarded plastic into vibrant sculptures and functional items, addressing plastic waste challenges.

Sisal Basketry (Tanzania): Sisal fibers are skillfully woven into baskets and mats, supporting eco-friendly livelihoods while preserving traditional craft.

Palm Leaf Weaving (Madagascar): Artisans use palm leaves to create intricate mats, bags, and hats, showcasing resourcefulness and sustainability.

Upcycled Jewelry (Senegal): Jewelry makers repurpose materials like recycled glass and metal into stunning accessories, highlighting eco-conscious design.

Beadwork from Natural Elements (South Africa): Craftsmen incorporate seeds, shells, and other natural elements into beadwork, merging aesthetics with nature.

Bamboo Crafts (Uganda): Bamboo is transformed into furniture, utensils, and accessories, emphasizing sustainable materials and traditional techniques.

Eco-Printed Textiles (Ghana): Textile artisans use natural dyes and leaves to create unique patterns, promoting eco-friendly alternatives to synthetic dyes.

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