Earthbag Architecture (Senegal): The Nubian Vault project uses locally-sourced materials like earthbags to build energy-efficient and affordable homes.

Green School (South Africa): This school incorporates recycled materials, solar energy, and rainwater harvesting, promoting sustainable education infrastructure.

Sandele Eco-Retreat (Gambia): The retreat showcases eco-friendly design with natural materials, reflecting the importance of sustainable tourism.

Maloca Community Center (Congo): Constructed using sustainable techniques, this center promotes community engagement and education through green design.

Solar-Powered Housing (Morocco): The Ouarzazate Solar City incorporates solar panels to power residential homes, showcasing renewable energy integration.

Earthship Project (Zimbabwe): Utilizing recycled materials and passive solar design, Earthship Zimbabwe promotes sustainable building practices.

Greening the Desert (Egypt): In Siwa Oasis, sustainable agricultural architecture involves utilizing traditional knowledge to combat desertification.

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