Osaretin Ugiagbe (Nigeria): Ugiagbe's digital art explores identity and social issues, merging traditional aesthetics with digital techniques for thought-provoking visuals.

Digital Storytelling: African artists use digital platforms to tell stories that reflect their heritage, culture, and contemporary experiences to a global audience.

Cyrus Kabiru (Kenya): Kabiru's "C-Stunners" series transforms discarded materials into futuristic eyewear, blending art, technology, and environmental awareness.

VR Experiences: African artists experiment with virtual reality, creating immersive experiences that allow viewers to engage with their narratives in innovative ways.

Senzeni Marasela (South Africa): Marasela's digital collages blend historical imagery with contemporary themes, engaging with South Africa's complex past and present.

Digital Platforms for Expression: African artists use social media and digital platforms to showcase their work, reaching audiences and forging connections globally.

Growth of Digital Art Hubs: Emerging digital art hubs across the continent provide spaces for artists to experiment with technology and collaborate across borders.

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