Kirstenbosch (South Africa): Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden showcases South Africa's diverse flora, highlighting the significance of indigenous plants.

Arboretum de Sédhiou (Senegal): This Senegalese garden celebrates local tree species, promoting environmental education and sustainable land management.

Assegaaibosch (South Africa): Assegaaibosch showcases the Western Cape's unique fynbos vegetation and its role in local ecosystems.

Malilangwe Trust (Zimbabwe): This conservation-focused garden preserves indigenous flora while supporting local communities through sustainable resource management.

Sahel Garden (Niger): Sahel Garden highlights drought-resistant plants, essential for food security and community resilience in arid regions.

Medicinal Plant Gardens: Various African botanical gardens emphasize traditional healing plants, connecting visitors with the cultural importance of indigenous flora.

Ethnobotanical Research: Gardens partner with researchers to study indigenous plants' potential for modern medicine, preserving cultural knowledge while advancing science.

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