Malick Sidibé (Mali): Sidibé's iconic black-and-white images captured Bamako's youth culture and nightlife, reflecting post-independence Mali's spirit.

Aïda Muluneh (Ethiopia): Muluneh's vibrant street photography infuses Ethiopian culture and contemporary issues with visual storytelling.

Bob Pixel (Ghana): Known for capturing everyday life in Accra, Pixel's candid shots showcase the city's energy, people, and moments.

Nii Obodai (Ghana): Obodai's street photography blends portraiture and urban scenes, conveying the human experience in Accra.

Michael Soi (Kenya): Soi's satirical street photography offers a critical lens on Nairobi's social and political landscape, engaging viewers with his unique commentary.

Hassan Hajjaj (Morocco): Hajjaj's dynamic and colorful images capture the vibrancy of street culture, often highlighting fashion and self-expression.

Thandiwe Muriu (Kenya): Muriu's imaginative street portraits challenge beauty norms and celebrate individuality in her vivid and stylized work.

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