Spiro, a startup aimed at replacing fuel-guzzling motorcycles with electric alternatives, is expanding its operations to Kenya.

This expansion coincides with the Africa Climate Summit held in Nairobi, with the Kenyan government announcing the deployment of 1.2 million electric vehicles.

Founded in Benin in 2022, Spiro has grown from 10,000 bikes in operation across Benin, Togo, and Rwanda to a massive fleet expansion in Kenya, with plans to roll out 140,000 bikes in Uganda.

Spiro's mission is to not only reduce but eliminate pollution sources, recycling and repurposing old bike parts through "crushing events."

In Kenya, drivers can trade their existing bikes for electric ones and pay a daily subscription for battery-swapping stations, reducing both air pollution and driving costs.

A 2022 report from the FIA Foundation highlights the cost-efficiency of electric motorcycles compared to petrol-powered ones in many African countries.

Battery-swapping initiatives are crucial for affordability, but reliable charging infrastructure is essential, and Spiro plans to build 3,000 swapping stations in Kenya.

Spiro intends to establish a manufacturing base in Kenya, generating local jobs and contributing to the nation's electric vehicle infrastructure.

The demand for two-wheelers is rising in sub-Saharan Africa, with the expectation that electric and petrol motorbikes will make up over 45% of the region's vehicle fleet by 2040.

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