It's illegal for police to impound vehicles without justifiable reasons; specific conditions apply.

Zimbabwe has 16 official languages, with English, Shona, and Ndebele being the most common.

Home to the world-famous Victoria Falls, a breathtaking natural wonder.

Boasts Africa's highest adult literacy rate, thanks to substantial education investments.

Sadly, Zimbabwe's life expectancy is shockingly low, with women at 34 and men at 37 years.

Once prosperous, the nation faced economic turmoil due to mismanagement, hyperinflation, and corruption.

Rich in mineral resources, including significant diamond and platinum reserves.

Offers outstanding national parks for wildlife enthusiasts, including Hwange National Park.

 Speculated as the biblical Ophir, where King Solomon sourced gold, peacocks, and ivory. Home to Bantu-speaking Shona people, who arrived around 380 AD.

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