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Why You Can’t Fly to Nigeria Via Emirates Until September 11

Emirates Nigeria Booking
Written by Teresa

Emirates Nigeria booking is no longer an option for travelers looking to fly to and from this West African country until September 11.

While there are many other airlines offering flights to Nigeria, the Arabian-affiliated carrier will keep off. Many international travelers can’t fathom why one of their favourite airlines can’t fly them to Lagos.

But, we tell you everything you should know about this.

Why Did Emirates Suspend Flights to Nigeria?

What’s the story with Emirates Nigeria booking ban by the airline? Well, it has to do with cost.

Due to its inability to bring back revenue from Nigeria, Emirates Airlines announced flight cancellation starting September 1 to September 11.

Emirates Nigeria Booking

Emirates. Photo/CNN

The airline made the “tough decision” to prevent additional losses and impact on its operational costs. The airline’s public relations office said it has tried every option to change this but there’s nothing much happening.

“Emirates has tried every avenue to address our ongoing challenges in repatriating funds from Nigeria,” a statement from the airline reads.

“We have made considerable efforts to initiate dialogue with the relevant authorities for their urgent intervention to help find a viable solution,” it adds.

However, after this ban, the Central Bank of Nigeria quickly moved in to save the situation.

Emirates applauded the Central Bank of Nigeria’s decision to release a part of its blocked monies. Government officials also launched talks with the airline to guarantee the repatriation of the airline’s current and future funds.

Therefore, Emirates Nigeria booking will commence once more on September 11. The carrier says this is the only time it can guarantee for a safe and smooth resumption of flights to Lagos.

Additionally, it will provide travelers enough time to organize and reserve their travel. The airline continuously evaluates the performance of its network operations and modify its flying schedules based on market demand and other operational considerations.

How Many Times Does Emirates Fly to Nigeria?

Before the Emirates Nigeria booking stalemate, the airline enjoyed twice-daily flights from Dubai to Lagos.

Cutting-edge fleet that includes the Boeing 777-300ER flew to West Africa every twelve hours. On flights to Lagos, passengers experienced Emirates’ pleasant inflight amenities.

Some of them include First Class’s opulent private suites, Business Class’s deeply reclined comfort, and Economy Class’s space to stretch out.

How Do I Book My Itinerary on Emirates?

In light of Emirate Nigeria booking cancellation, the airline will rebook or refund those affected by its earlier decision. These passengers can contact their travel agents for a refund or rebooking.

Those who booked directly from the airline can reach out for the same. Nonetheless, if you plan on travelling to Lagos from September 11 via Emirates, follow these steps in booking your flight.

  • Specify your travel dates, travel class, departure city, and destination.
  • Find the most affordable flights and choose one.
  • Pick your seat on the plane, reserve a special dinner, or add extra services like hotels, car rentals, or chauffeured transportation.
  • Secure online payment methods include credit/debit cards and Skywards Miles.
  • Get an email confirmation of your reservation and all of your flight information.
  • By using your booking reference to log into your Emirates account online, you can manage your trip arrangements.
  • Online check-in is available before you arrive at the airport.
Emirates cancels flights

An Emirates plane. [Photo: The South African]

Is Dubai Flight Available in Nigeria?

Flights to and from Dubai are available. They resumed in July 2021 after a one-month hiatus. The airline had suspended flights to Lagos and Abuja over unresolved issues with the Nigerian government.

How Much is Flight Ticket From Nigeria to Dubai?

Before you make your Emirates Nigeria booking, you should know how easy or tough it is for your pocket. The cheapest return ticket will cost you $623 while a direct flight ticket costs $448.

As always, November is the peak season for travelers between Dubai and Nigeria. March has the lowest number of travelers to and from Nigerian cities to Dubai and vice versa.

How Do I Reserve a Flight Without Paying For it?

It’s possible to make a flight reservation without spending the full amount on an airline Ticket?  Here is how you can book a flight without paying the entire cost of the ticket:

  1. Call the travel agency of your choice
  2. Visit the Visa Reservation page
  3. Describe your flight details for travel
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