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The stunning Victoria Falls Bridge linking Zambia to Zimbabwe

The stunning Victoria Falls Bridge linking Zambia to Zimbabwe
Written by See Africa Today

The epic Victoria Falls Bridge linking Livingstone town in Zambia and Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe is a stunning piece of engineering.

Earlier referred to as the Zambesi Bridge, it is now a major tourist attraction in Southern Africa that remains standing over 115 years since its construction was initiated by Cecil John Rhodes. He intended to link the southern part of Africa from Cape to the Northern end in Cairo, Egypt. Construction work begun in 1903 under a British engineering firm, Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company and was completed in 1905.

This marvelling piece of engineering is198 metres long, 128 metres high and measures 156 metres across the Zambezi River which is below Victoria Falls. About 1,500 tons of steel were used in its construction by 400 workers who built it in 14 months.

The bridge cuts across the Zambezi River and catches the beautiful sight of the spray water particles from the Victoria Falls, another Wonder of the World. Today, Victoria Falls Bridge’s rail is the only link between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The scenery surrounding the bridge is eye-catching as water from the falls majestically pours into the ground below with such intensity that tiny particles of water fill the air exuding such nostalgia especially during the high water season. A guided tour on the history of the bridge and to its main deck is offered as well as a ride on a steam-powered train cruising along the bridge’s rails.

For adrenaline junkies, the 1-metre bungee jump off the bridge is quite a leap but is exciting too and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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