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The Manta Resort: Tanzania’s First Hotel With World-class Underwater Room

The Manta Resort
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Nothing is as baffling as the different world The Manta Resort Hotel in Pemba Island, Tanzania offers with an Underwater Room.

It is one of the few places on earth where you experience the tranquillity of a traditional Swahili island culture passed down through generations.

But, The Manta Resort gives a new experience about African travel. It meets your simple needs such as a pristine comfortable bed and friendly company to care for you.

And don’t forget: you get more should you decide to board an Underwater Room.  All you do here is feel at home, and enjoy your new family in Pemba.

Staff at the resort transfer their natural unspoiled compassion and happiness into supporting you in every way possible.

You enjoy independence and low-key modern comforts. Even better, you get one staff member dedicated to serving you individually. You could even accompany them to their home village to meet relatives if you so desire!

They are a part of the resort’s outstanding services.

Mind-blowing! Manta Resort underwater room in Pemba Island

Manta Resort in Pemba Island, [Photo by [We Are Africa]

The Manta Resort History

Serene, charming with impressive architectural structures towering in the revered Pemba Island is The Manta Resort. It is a one of a kind establishment in East Africa.

Manta knows not what noise or air pollution is in the 21st century. It’s phenomenal to just be here with the simplest of human wants.

Beautiful sunshine rays cast all over your skin and some sweet-smelling bout of air from mother nature in this hideaway island rich in the Swahili culture.

A virtual image of the Manta Resort is a state-of-the-art establishment with a deep Swahili culture undertone in its architecture blended with contemporary designs set up in the middle of the forest.

But this is not all; it sits on a raised patch of land overlooking the pristine water of the Indian Ocean but not without impressive sights of beautiful, unspoilt coral reefs.

The Manta Resort has over the years remained a force to reckon with in the delivery of pleasure-filled vacays since the launch of its additional underwater room.

The dig, adds to the already 16 rooms underwater that have made this resort stand out from the rest in East Africa.

How Deep is the Underwater Room in Tanzania?

The Manta Resort

The Manta Resort underwater room. Photo/Sites at Penn State

The Manta Resort “Underwater Room” lies within the resort’s Conservation Area which is an island surrounded by untouched coral.

The mystery behind this marvellous architectural masterpiece is animated by the intermittent flickering of lights in the water.

The Underwater Room sits 250 metres from the shore. A cosy room with amazing views of fish under the water seen through the glass façade of the room. At sea level, there is a rooftop deck, bathroom and lounge.

A two-story wooden deck above water level make the Underwater Room totally self-contained. In order to access the underwater bedroom, a ladder must be used.

It has a comfortable double bed with an excellent vantage point from which to observe the marine life that is so close to the seabed. Above, lounge space and restrooms are located on a hardwood deck.

Sleeping among the ocean’s soft lapping waves is an option for guests who choose it. With no light pollution to disturb the night sky, the archipelago of Zanzibar provides an unobstructed view of celestial wonders each and every night.

In order to create a surreal and dazzling picture of the surrounding marine life, there are spotlights beneath each window below sea level. The light source causes the creatures swimming past to appear to be glowing.

As a result of its location in the 12 meter-deep Blue Hole on the coral reef, the guest room offers views of a more laid-back aspect of the ocean:

The most epic moments are the nights under the water as octopus, squid and other sea animals. They treat you to scenery only imaginable in a movie but hey, it is existent!

Manta Resort is also a popular spot for divers due to the coral in this part of the island.

How Much is the Underwater Room at Manta?

The Manta  Resort Underwater room

The Manta Resort Underwater room. Photo/Airows

There is no doubt that staying in your own private, half-submerged hotel room will cost you a pretty penny.

The Manta Resort Underwater Room costs $1,500 per night for two people. This means it cost one person $750 per night.

In addition to the resort’s usual rates, which vary according to the season and length of your stay.

For the first time, guests can go deeper into the underwater realm than they could ever hope to. They go diving and experience the distinctive rhythms and colours of the ocean firsthand.

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