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Mitigating Africa’s Tourism Downfall during Covid-19

Experience Kenya’s wild safari excellence at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Written by See Africa Today

The grim reality of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has crippled world economies and prevented global travel. As the sad truth of having to cut trips short, or rather cancel trips to the African continent has become a reality, billions of people are now taking refuge in their own homes to save each other and humankind. 

The effects of this pandemic are dire that it has thrust the entire global economy, not just Africa into repression, and tourism has taken a back seat. 

With international flights halted, we at See Africa Today have seen deserted beaches, the massive shutdown of hotels and lodges across the continent and tourists staying home and safe. 

The ripple of after-shocks of Covid-19 in Africa will be worst felt in the tourism sector. The loss of revenue for establishments in the tourism arena, as well as the loss in foreign exchange to each country, is enormous. Nations such as South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Ghana to name a few are some of Africa’s most visited countries and will be raking in staggering losses. 

But this is a time for us to work with you viewers and potential future tourists to look at Africa, not to forget it and to say to yourselves, that “Africa here we come” one day. For now, we hope you will stay in to stop the spread of Covid-19, and view Africa from your own home. 

As the old adage goes, nothing lasts forever; this too shall pass and relevant authorities governing the tourism sector in different countries have started putting a raft of measures in place to revive the once bubbly tourism sector on the continent. 

A case in point is the land of the big five- Kenya where the Tourism ministry has set aside funds for post Coronavirus (Covid-19) recovery plan. The plan targets hoteliers, tour operators, travel agents, and airlines. 

Lions of Serengeti

Lions of Serengeti. [Photo by YouTube]

Serengeti national park

Exploring the Serengeti National Park where you will wake up early in the morning after breakfast and go for morning game drive – 4×4 Self Drive Kenya

Once the scourge is over, the Ministry will use these funds to “restore destination confidence” in Kenya. Similar strategies have been put with other countries, and we at SeeAfricaToday are looking forward to working with our audience and the tourism operators across Africa to make Africa the most visited continent ever. 

“Part of this money will be used to restore destination confidence to ensure that Kenya remains as a preferred travel destination globally while the rest will be used for the post Coronavirus recovery strategy in all our key source market,” Kenya’s Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala maintains. 

Nonetheless, even as Kenya’s Tourism Ministry gives a head start to other African countries to follow suit, See Africa Today remains committed to ensuring that you learn more, explore and enjoy every bit of African tourism from the comfort of in this season of #stayathome, #see_africa. Follow us at @see_africa and visit us at

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